Exciting News!

**Exciting news!**

I’m thrilled to announce that my lovely little rodents are available to order!


Mice, like the sleeping beauty above, are my usual beasties – but if mice aren’t your thing I’m happy and able to taxidermise rats, hamsters, guinea pigs and anything else cute and cuddly 🙂

You also don’t have to have your furry friend curled up asleep… maybe you want a rollerskating hamster or a guitar-wielding gerbil! Drop me a message with an idea of what you’re after, and I’ll make something especially for you 🙂  because I’m still gaining experience my work is very reasonably priced – so don’t be shy!

You can also rest assured that my taxidermy is completely cruelty free, and I thoroughly check that all of my animals are ethically and responsibly sourced from the reptile food industry. These little beasts have led happy and healthy lives, and are in better condition than any animal you’ll find in a supermarket.


Lily ❤


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