Tiny teeth, beautiful bugs

Hey all,

As some of you know, I have a little shop called Lily’s Shop of Horrors 🙂 you can find my shop on Facebook and on Etsy.

I sell pretty handmade jewellery made of bones, teeth, dead insects and the like, as well as some little Breaking Bad bits and pieces (because I am OBSESSED with that show.)

Here are some photos of my stuff! If you’d like to buy something, drop me a line on my facebook shop (prices are all on there) or send an email to lily.liar@gmail.com.

202720_798167010209460_262943334_oBee in a bottle! £8 + P&P

1008620_798167240209437_2111905400_oOak eggar moth wing (female), £8 + P&P

905385_798166900209471_206868984_o 1506268_798166926876135_1444758737_o 1518226_798167456876082_1058052823_oHeisenberg necklaces! £8 + p&p

1537546_798167340209427_836094189_oGenuine canine toof from either a cat or a fox – I’m not sure (I found it, you see, and they didn’t leave a note.) £8 + p&p

1540315_798167213542773_261430181_oBee & Lavender. £8 + p&p

1553126_798167090209452_1075699058_oDor beetle & lavender, £8+p&p

1654791_798167413542753_1335957880_oCream coloured moth, £7 + p&p

1658436_798167433542751_1931962006_o 1795209_798167373542757_92094851_oShield beetle, £7 + p&p

1795313_798167300209431_317572572_oTulips in bottles with glass soil! £10 each + p&p

1795356_798167173542777_1692696080_o 1836695_798167126876115_1328004990_oDor beetle and lavender. £8 + p&p

1278125_701224149903747_2144094346_oSheep-teeth! Hand-pulled by me from a skull I found in the Lake District 🙂 £8 each or £8.50 with a bell on, + p&p

Thanks for looking ❤ I’ll be adding more stuff in the near future so watch this space!


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