Friday Favourites! #1

It has been a productive week! I decorated the flat, did lots of roller derby, cooed over the cheap mushrooms and sausages you can get in tucked-away bits of Brighton, filled out some job applications and worked stupid hours at the pub. So here are some things I’ve been appreciating of late!

At the moment I’m completely obsessed with Louise Brooks. I also love these tattoos by Angelique Houtkamp – I want to visit her in Amsterdam and get some new ink for my collection.

Angelique Houtkamp

Look at this beautiful roller derby one!

I wonder if I could combine the two and ask her to do a Louise Brooks traditional-style tattoo…

This is a cat I met on Ed’s road… I think he’s generally just known as Friendly Cat. A relative of Overly Affectionate Ginger maybe?

I really want this, but I’m pretty certain I’d be fired for wearing it.

This man is my hero. I don’t say that lightly, but the amount of effort…

Also… is it bad that I actually quite like that song? It makes me think of massive 80s power ballads.

I picked up one of these lovely little cone lights for £3 at IKEA (Ed had never been to IKEA. It was like taking a toddler to Disneyland.)

I’ve been making more little tulip pendants! If you’d like one, take a looksie here.

I’ve also signed up for two courses… one’s a mouse workshop at the London Taxidermy Academy (I’m just soppy when it comes to animals, dead or alive) and the other is a storybook-writing course. I was a bit sceptical of the website, as it has SCAAAAM! written all over it, but it was £14 on Groupon so what the heckins.

Hope you all had a splendid week!


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